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Marifarm d.o.o. is start-up pharmaceutical company that
provides the production of high quality products, which
undergo the strong criteria of safety and efficacy on a high
technical and regulatory level.

In the company Marifarm we strive, that the quality policy
becomes the future building block of the employees, with
the highest level of importance  and  responsibility in a
company, which are present everywhere, in all structures,
at all levels of company and are reflecting in all aspects of
our practice.

Through establishing a strong link to our business partners, suppliers and satisfied consumers, we try to build a long-term cooperation and partnership, which stand for our quality. We pursue the philosophy of a continuous  learning  company.  The defined processes are  always run by target  and  undergo  the measurement  of their efficiency. Our products and services meet the needs and expectations of our customers throughout the whole life cycle. Trained and motivated employees are the source of our power. By the development and the manufacture of our products we comply with the objectives pursued, the corporate social responsibility and the environmental management policy.

Marifarm, proizvodnja in storitve d.o.o.
Minařikova ulica 8
SI-2000 Maribor
Slovenia, European Union
Tel.: +386-2-620-82-00
Fax: +386-1-300-70-65
Direktorica: mag. Romana Fišer